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Adult Clothing Memorial Quilts, Memory Quilts and Keepsake Cushions

Create keepsakes from precious items of adult clothing as a memorial to a lost loved one, or to keep a record of a special time in your life . Transform clothes that hold your special memories into a beautiful keepsake Memorial Quilt, Memory Quilt, T-Shirt Quilt or Keepsake Cushion.

Click below for more information on the different types of keepsake available, or request our Adult Clothing Keepsakes Brochure for full details of everything we offer.

  • Patchwork Castle Gift Certificate

    Gift Certificates

    Gift Certificates

    Give the gift of a patchwork item made from treasured clothing. Great for a last minute purchase or a thoughtful gesture to those who have lost a loved one.
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    Why choose Patchwork Castle

    Why Choose Patchwork Castle For Your Clothing Keepsake Commission?

    Clothing keepsakes have been becoming more and more popular in the UK over the last couple of years. If you’re looking to commission a memory quilt or keepsake cushion then it can be tricky to know what to look for and who to trust with your very special keepsake project. Here at Patchwork Castle we’ve […]


    Adult T-shirt Quilt - Signature Mosaic large square

    Why Make A Quilt Or Cushion From Adult Clothes?

    “I received the quilt this morning, its lovely! Such a good use of my daughter’s clothing, now I can wrap it around me and imagine she is cuddling me :)” There are lots of reasons why you might have adult clothing that you’re holding on to but is no longer in every day use. Maybe […]


    Clothing keepsakes from loved ones clothes

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