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Bespoke Handmade Patchwork Quilts

Have you been looking for a patchwork quilt but been unable to find exactly what you’d like? Would you like to commission a quilt in a particular colour scheme? Maybe you want to include particular motifs (e.g. applique animals, hearts, stars, other images) or to include a child’s name or other personalisation? Perhaps you’d just like a handmade patchwork quilt which is unique to you, and that you can be sure has been produced ethically in the UK ?

Are you looking for a totally unique gift for a wedding, new baby or other special occasion? Perhaps including messages written by friends/family?

Have you seen a quilt pattern that you really love but would like someone else to make it up for you? Or maybe you’ve started on a quilt project and run out of steam?

Then speak to us about commissioning a Bespoke Handmade Patchwork Quilt, Cushion or Wall Hanging.

bespoke quilts and cushions

We will work with you to come up with a quilt design that suits your budget and your personal preferences.

You can take ideas and inspiration from the examples on our website, a design you’ve seen on the web or in a book or magazine, images drawn by your children or a traditional quilt pattern. Or we can make up a pattern or kit that you’ve purchased (please check with us before purchasing!).

We can select fabrics to suit a particular scheme you have in mind – you can send us photographs or fabric samples to help us get it just right. We can also incorporate fabric that you supply, or we can select and supply all the fabric if you prefer (we’ll reflect this in the price if you choose to do this).

I’ll normally have a telephone consultation with you (or you are very welcome to visit our studio in person – Scarborough is a lovely place for a short break) and then send you a sketch of the design by email.

How long does it take?

An indication of our current turnaround times can be found here. Because of the highly individual nature of these quilts, both at the design stage, in sourcing fabrics and in crafting your quilt we may need to extend the delivery date from those shown. We will confirm an estimated delivery date before confirming your order.

What will it cost?

Bespoke Patchwork Quilts are quoted for individually due to reflect your specific requirements. Please expect to pay more than you would for a ready-made item or standard item from our range to reflect the one-off nature of your quilt. The starting prices reflect a simple quilt design made from new fabrics.

Lap/Cot c. 100cm square from £180
Large Lap/Cot Bed c. 100cm x 140cm from £250
Large Square  c.140cm x 140cm from £360
Single c 140cm x 200cm from £490
Bedspread c 160cm x 200cm from £555
Double c 200cm x 200cm from £720
Label Freehand machine embroidered message label. from £5 per word
Photos Add a photo to your quilt or cushion £5 per image
Postage Royal Mail Special Delivery including insurance to full purchase value Included

Please do contact me for further information and to discuss your ideas – ‘phone 07775 860862 or email Thanks so much for your interest.

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