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“I received the quilt this morning, its lovely! Such a good use of my daughter’s clothing, now I can wrap it around me and imagine she is cuddling me :)”
Many times when a loved one passes away, we are faced with the dilemma of what to do with their belongings, and in particular their clothing. Clothing can be a significant emotional trigger, and powerful reminder of those we have lost and events we have shared. A memorial quilt is a very special way to capture these memories. It’s a great privilege to be commissioned to make these quilts. They are very special projects, and beautiful memorials.
Adult Keepsake Memory Quilt Simply Squares

Your Patchwork Castle Memorial Quilt

Your Memorial Quilt will be made in a fresh modern style, using traditional quilting methods combined with a few special tricks for working with clothing. Your Memorial Quilt will be individually designed by one of our small and very talented team, using artfully arranged patchwork pieces hand-cut from your clothing. Motifs, button runs, pockets and other details selected from your clothes can be included in most designs. Any preferences or requests you might have about how different items of clothing are used are welcomed. Most types of clothing and other keepsake fabrics can be used in your Memorial Quilt.

Your patchwork is layered with soft, snuggly premium cotton wadding (filling) and a quality 100% patchwork cotton backing, and machine quilted through all the layers for stability and durability. The edges of your quilt are finished with a secure machine stitched binding.

Quilts are backed using a solid or textured colour of your choice. You can also select or provide an alternative backing fabric if you wish, please check with us for further advice. Depending on the design and size your quilt may include a border made from the backing fabric or another coordinating plain colour.

Truly gorgeous, unique and beautiful. A very special keepsake preserving all the memories held in your love one’s clothes.


Star Memory Quilt
Adult T-shirt Quilt - Signature Mosaic large square
Creating a Memorial Quilt or Keepsake Cushion can be a comforting project for families coping with their loss. Indeed, for some of our clients the process of having the memory quilt made has been an important part of their grieving process, expressing their feelings and celebrating the person’s life in a practical and tangible way.

“Words can’t describe how happy I am with them. When I sent the clothes off to you, I tried to think of how you would manage with what was send and I couldn’t even begin to imagine how it would turn out. You have done a truly wonderful job. Each square is a treasured memory and I can’t thank you enough for making that happen. They are just beautiful.” See more testimonials

For children who have sadly lost a parent, a Memory Quilt made from their parent’s clothes provides them with a comfort now, and a lasting keepsake as they grow older and perhaps further from the people who knew Mum or Dad. A Memory Quilt can also provide a very special keepsake for a family who has lost a child.

A Memory Quilt might help you finally empty that wardrobe, clear that suitcase in the attic or sort out that box of old ties, knowing that the most precious items will be preserved in a practical and beautiful way.

Some clients have come to us many years after their loss – like the lady who had cushions made from her husband’s clothes for each of her new born grandchildren.

One client couldn’t stand the thought of giving the clothes to charity and them being worn by someone else, but didn’t want to throw them away – commissioning a Memorial Quilt was a positive solution and a way to keep the memories close.

As with all our quilts, we’ll take the best features of your clothes, and adapt the designs to create a fabulous keepsake that makes the very most of your special clothes.

Adult Clothing Memory Quilts are available in several different designs, and a variety of sizes from lap to bedspread, with custom sizes available on request. Our Signature Mosaic Memory Quilt design works particularly well for T-shirt Quilts with motifs and text.

Prices start from £180.

Memorial Quilts | Adult Clothing Memory Quilts | Keepsake Cushions | Brochure & FAQ

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