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Adult Clothing Memory Quilts & Keepsake Cushions

Memory Quilts | Keepsake Cushions

Transform clothes that hold special memories for you into a beautiful keepsake Memorial Quilt, Memory Quilt, T-Shirt Quilt or Keepsake Cushion.

Adult Clothes Memory QuiltsClothing keepsakes can be wonderful memorials to a lost loved one, or cosy records of a special time in your life.

Our small team take great pride in creating your keepsakes. Handing over your precious clothes, full of memories, to a quilter is a pretty big step of trust. We know there are no second chances with your treasured clothes, and we take the trust you place in us very seriously.

There are lots of reasons why you might have adult clothing that you’re holding on to but is no longer in every day use:

Maybe you’ve lost someone close to you, and sorting through their clothes is difficult. Many times when a loved one passes away, we are faced with the dilemma of what to do with their belongings, and in particular their clothing. Clothing can be a significant emotional trigger, and powerful reminder of those we have lost and events we have shared. A memorial quilt or keepsake cushion is a very special way to capture these memories. It’s a great privilege to be commissioned to make these keepsakes. They are very special projects, and beautiful memorials.

Maybe you have uniforms or t-shirts that hold lots of memories but are stored away as you no longer wear them. We just love to take those special items you’ve collected over the years – cub scout uniforms, band t-shirts, army clothing, the t-shirts you collected as you travelled, university sweatshirts and sportswear, fabrics you used at your wedding (or even your wedding dress) – and transform them into beautiful keepsakes.

If you have any questions or queries, then please do contact us. We can answer any questions you might have, and if you’d like to go ahead, work with you to make sure your quilt and/or cushion is exactly as you wish.

Adult Clothing Keepsake Brochure

Memory Quilts | Keepsake Cushions

Memory Quilts, T-shirt Quilts and Memorial Quilts

Your Memory Quilt will be made in a fresh modern style, using traditional quilting methods combined with a few special tricks for working with clothing.

Patchwork Castle quilts from adult clothes are available in seven different designs (find full details in our brochure).

From there, each quilt is individually created by one of our small and very talented team, using artfully arranged patchwork pieces hand-cut from your clothing. Motifs, button runs, pockets and other details selected from your clothes can be included in most designs. Any preferences or requests you might have about how different items of clothing are used are welcomed.

Most types of clothing and other keepsake fabrics can be used in your Memory Quilt. If you’d like advice about what design will work best for the clothes you have please just ask.

You can also choose to add photos to your quilt, as well as embroidered names or quotes.

Truly gorgeous, unique and beautiful. A very special keepsake preserving all the memories held in your or your loved one’s clothes.

If you’d like your quilt in a different size than those listed in the brochure, please contact us for a quote. Pricing varies between each design – full details can be found in our Adult Clothing Keepsakes Brochure.

Sizes, Pricing & Clothing Requirements

Lap – c. 100cm square – 8-12 items of clothing   from £195
A small lap quilt, baby cot quilt/playmat and also suitable as a wall hanging

Large Lap – c. 100cm x 140cm –10-20 items of clothing   from £275
A larger lap quilt, cot bed quilt or single bed topper

Large Square – c 140cm by 140cm –15-25 items of clothing  from £395
MOST POPULAR ADULT CLOTHING OPTION An extremely versatile size suitable for use on different sized beds or as a generous lap quilt

Single – c 140cm x 200cm –20-30 items of clothing  from £530
Suitable for covering a single bed with a short drop on each side, or width wise on a double or king (slightly wider than a standard single duvet cover)

Bedspread  – c 160cm x 200cm –25-35 items of clothing  from £600
Suitable for covering a single bed with a longer drop on each side, or as a bedspread across a double/king covering the area under the pillows with a small drop over each side of the bed.

Examples Of Previous Quilt Commissions

  • Signature Mosaic Adult Clothing Quilt - Large Square

  • Simply Squares Adult Clothing Quilt

  • Simply Squares Adult Clothing Quilt

  • A selection of different quilts in different designs

  • Simply Squares Adult Clothing Quilt - Large Square

  • All Squared Up Adult Memorial Quilt with heart applique motif

  • All Squared Up Adult Memorial Quilt

  • Mosaic Pavers Adult Memorial Quilt made from shirts

  • Four Patch with Hearts Adult Memory Quilt - made from men's clothes

  • Star in a Star Adult Clothes Memory Quilt

Keepsake Cushions

Our Keepsake Cushions are extremely popular as both standalone orders and alongside a patchwork Memory Quilt.  They are a great choice if you’d like to create keepsakes for several family members, where you only have a few items of clothing to use for your keepsake or as an economical alternative to a quilt.

Create a patchwork keepsake cushion using several items of clothing., or a simpler cushion using just one or or two items, like a shirt or sweater.

You can choose to add photos to your cushion, as well as embroidered names or quotes.

Cushions start from £45 for a small cushion made from one shirt, up to £105 for a larger patchwork cushion.  Full details, with pricing for all the different options can be found in our brochure.

Examples Of Previous Cushion Commissions

  • 'Just One or Two' cushion with collar and embroidered label

  • Signature Mosaic Patchwork Cushion from Adult Clothing

  • 'Just One or Two' Keepsake Cushion made from a woollen jumper

  • 'Just One or Two' cushion with embroidery

  • Simply Strips Adult Clothing Keepsake Cushions

  • 'Just One Or Two' cushion using work jacket, tshirt and with embroidery

  • 'Just One Or Two' cushion from t-shirt

  • All Squared Up Adult Clothing Keepsake Cushions

  • All Squared Up Adult Clothing Keepsake Cushions

  • Adult Clothes Keepsake Cushions from sports wear

Get your copy of our brochure for full details of our range of adult clothes quilts and cushions, prices for different options and how to order.

How To Order

Get your copy of our brochure and have a look through. When you’ve decided what you’d like to order, contact us using our enquiry form, by email hello (at) patchworkcastle (dot) co (dot) uk, or call 07395 257520

Turnaround Times

Our turnaround times are shown at the bottom of the page. Please do let us know if you need your item for a specific date, or sooner than the date shown, as we can often help.

Gift Certificates

If you’d like to make a gift of a memory quilt or keepsake cushion, but don’t have access to the clothes, a gift certificate is a great option. Find out more here.

Any Questions?

You’ll find the answers to lots of common questions on our How It Works/FAQs page, but if you have any questions before ordering then please contact us – we’re very happy to help.

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