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Patchwork Castle is closing in 2023, and we are no longer taking orders.

Please see our lastest blog post for more information and contact us if you have any questions. Our 'Make Your Own' tutorial is still available.

A huge thank you to everyone who has ordered from us over the last 12 years.

Baby Clothes Memory Quilt Tutorial

Baby Clothes Memory Quilt Tutorial


The baby-grow you brought them home in, a first summer dress, the dungarees from their first birthday, bibs from Christmas, that cute t-shirt bought by Grandpa…..

Holding on to all those extra special baby clothes? Love the idea of creating your own baby clothes memory quilt rather than having it made? Enjoy crafting and sewing but not sure where to start or worried about getting it right?

Our Baby Clothes Memory Quilt Tutorial is so much more than a pattern. We’ll walk you step by step through every stage of designing, making and finishing your memory quilt.

Go with confidence from a bag of clothes too precious to give away to a snuggly quilt full of memories – with love in every stitch.

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“Beforehand I was nervous about making the quilt (mainly about messing it up!) The tutorial package really helped me to overcome (my) concerns, as it was explained so clearly that I felt I could follow it through, baby step by baby step, without any guesswork. The instructions are very easy to follow and I don’t remember having to ask for any clarifications at all. there is very little technical terminology or jargon so they’re very easy to understand.

I found one or two free online tutorials about it, but they were far from comprehensive and seemed to assume a lot of knowledge. I don’t think my quilt would have turned out half so professional-looking if I had done it without the Patchwork Castle course.”

Kate Dellow

You might be a novice with a sewing machine and don’t know where to start, or more experienced but concerned about exactly how to work with clothing to make a quilt. Or maybe you’re more experienced but unsure about patchwork or how to work with clothing.

If you can find your way around a sewing machine and sew a decent straight seam, then you can make a memory patchwork quilt from your children’s or baby clothes.

Here’s What You’ll Get –

All the documents in the Baby Clothes Memory Quilt Tutorial are electronic downloads. When you place an order you will immediately receive a link by email to download your workbook and design layouts. All the files are pdfs so you can print sections, the whole thing or just use it on screen.

Your Baby Clothes Memory Quilt
Tutorial Workbook

  • Over 100 pages of clearly written and detailed instructions supported by lots of photographs covering every step of designing, making and finishing your Keepsake Memory Quilt
  • The inside track on special techniques and top tips to help you get a good quality finish when working with baby clothes
  • Clear guidance on how to make the most of all those special features in your clothes, including button runs, necklines, feature motifs and smaller items like socks and bibs
  • Advice on selecting and using the best fabrics/haberdashery and quilting equipment for the creation of your beautiful keepsake

Your ‘Done For You’
Design Layouts

  • Everything you need to know about designing your memory quilt, including deciding on the right design layout for you
  • You’ll receive ‘done for you’ layouts for two sizes of quilt:
    • cot (around  100cm by 100cm)
    • cot bed (around 100cm by 135cm)
  • There are two designs to choose from:
    • ‘Mosaic’ style quilt with varying sizes of patchwork pieces
    • ‘Square Patch’ based on a regular square grid (with options for 3 inch, 4 inch or 5 inch squares)

PLUS – Membership of our exclusive Facebook group

  • Join our exclusive Facebook group, only available to purchasers of the Baby Clothes Memory Quilt Tutorial
  • Ask your questions, share your progress, and get ongoing support and advice from Patchwork Castle founder and keepsake quilting expert Chris Tingay, and other keepsake quilters as you make your quilt.

Baby Clothes Memory Quilt Tutorial layout | Patchwork Castle

A little snippet from the workbook

Not sure? Like a sample? Click here and we’ll send you the first chapter 

Get Your Free Memory Quilting Resources Guide

At Patchwork Castle we’ve developed our expertise at transforming pre-loved clothing into beautiful keepsake memory quilts and cushions. We’ve gathered together all our specialist knowledge and techniques into this easy to use resource – no need to trawl the internet for snippets of advice.

Take your favourite clothes make a gorgeous keepsake - baby clothes memory quilt tutorial | Patchwork Castle

Is It For Me?

 You have a pile of baby clothes and are keen to turn them into a memory quilt

 You have access to a sewing machine and know how to use it (you don’t have to have much experience but basic sewing machine skills are assumed)

 You have (or are willing to purchase) the core equipment and materials to make your quilt. If you don’t already have the tools needed then it can be a bit of an investment.

We will cover the best fabrics/haberdashery and equipment to use in some detail. Have a good read of the workbook before you rush out to buy anything! All items are widely available, and we can recommend suppliers.

Fabrics and Haberdashery

  • A selection of baby and children’s clothing. You can add in some plain or patterned new fabric if you don’t have quite enough (recommended amounts Cot – 20-25 items, Cot Bed 25-30 items).
  • Sewing thread
  • Medium weight iron on interfacing (Vilene)
  • Your choice of backing fabric (100% cotton patchwork fabric is best but you can use an old duvet cover or similar if you wish)
  • Quilt wadding suitable for quilting up to 10” apart[/one_half]


  • Sewing machine – a good basic domestic machine is great for making patchwork quilts, especially smaller sized ones
  • A rotary cutter, acrylic ruler, and a self-healing mat (highly recommended and the method described for cutting patchwork pieces in the workbook).
  • Small scissors for snipping threads
  • Sewing pins
  • Safety pins for basting
  • Masking tape
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Even-feed / walking foot for your sewing machine (recommended but not essential)

 If you have lots of experience with patchwork and quilting, you’ll already be familiar with the basic techniques we cover. What this Tutorial will give you are the specifics of working with baby and children’s clothes.

 If you have lots of unfinished projects and aren’t sure you can make the time for this then you might be better just ordering a quilt from us!

“I am very sentimental and try to preserve as many memories as I can! However, I did want to have a go by myself but wouldn’t have known where to start! I was nervous about starting to make the quilt, especially when using my daughter’s very precious first clothes.”
Nicola Williams

“I originally wanted the quilt made for me, this is how I found out about the tutorial package, I was researching someone to make it for me. I wanted my quilt to be completely personal, and to me that meant me making it for my son.”
Rachel Wright




“I also found it very useful to be apart of the Facebook group and be able to discuss the design/making process with people who were undertaking the same task. I really liked the fact we had the Facebook support group to help each other through. It was extremely helpful throughout the process because if I was ever stuck either Chris or my peers would help me out, a lot of the time both. I liked the fact that we could share our work with each other, seeing all the different quilts was very inspirational.”

Rachel Wright

What Happens Next?

When you purchase your Baby Clothes Memory Quilt Tutorial you will immediately receive a link by email to download your workbook and design layouts. You’ll also get instructions for joining the Facebook group.

The Baby Clothes Memory Quilt Tutorial is self-paced so you can make your memory quilt over a few days, or several weeks or months (and save it for any future quilts).

“Do it!  Making Finley’s quilt is one of the most rewarding things I’ve done in a long time, it’s the craft project I’m most proud of out of everything I’ve ever made, and I know it wouldn’t be anywhere near as good if I hadn’t done this course.  My husband thought I’d had it professionally made, and was amazed when I told him I did it myself with a teach yourself course!”

Kate Dellow

“I haven’t ever made one (a quilt) before so I feel that I have had an excellent introduction to the techniques required for patchwork and I am very keen to start other projects. I would particularly like to make a cushion with all of the off cuts!”

Nicola Williams


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“As a novice sewer I was apprehensive about starting the quilt let alone finishing it to a standard that I would be happy with. I could use a sewing machine to do very basic things so when I first received the workbook it did make me feel a little daunted at my ability to make the quilt. However as I read on throughout the workbook, my concerns disappeared as the instructions did break each stage down to very manageable steps that were very easy to overcome. The further into the workbook I went the easier I found it, maybe because my confidence grew as I was doing it. I would like to give you a huge thank you Chris and Patchwork Castle for the opportunity to do this, I have loved every moment of it”
Rachel Wright


We don’t think you’ll need it but….

Purchase your Baby Clothes Memory Quilt Tutorial, take a look at the materials and find it’s not what you expected or you’ve bitten off more than you can chew? Then just email us for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

Run out of steam? If you’ve followed the Tutorial instructions then we can finish your quilt for you. We will discount the amount you paid for your Tutorial from our ‘made for you’ prices. (If you’ve made a lot of progress, or purchased some fabric/haberdashery already, we can quote you for a price to complete the work; If you’ve made a bit of a ‘boo boo’ then we can quote you to fix that too!).

“Go for it! Easy to follow, supportive online community and how very special to give such a special gift to a loved one. You will need a little time and patience but totally worth it. To have a lovely quilt that my daughter will grow old with is very special. I am very pleased with making it myself though, as I have a quilt that was made by my Nanny who I never met. To think that she made that means the world to me and so much more precious than having it made.”

Nicola Williams



Buy Now - £20 - via Paddle     


Still not sure? Here’s that sample again.