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Cheater Patchwork Fabric

Here’s a fabulous idea!

If you are new to patchwork and quilting you might just want to practice machine quilting or hand quilting without all the time involved in sewing together lots of patchwork pieces. A great solution is to start by using a fabric that looks like it’s made from lots of pieces of fabric but is really a single piece – genius!

All you need to do is layer the fabric up with your wadding and backing fabric, baste and you are good to go.

Most good fabric stores will have fabrics that are either a patchwork design, or have a really obvious grid formation that you can follow to create the quilting lines.

Spoonflower is a great US site where you can upload your own designs and have them printed onto lots of different types of fabrics. You can also select  from a huge range of fabulous fabrics created by other users, including many faux-patchwork designs. There are some really quirky options on just about any theme you can imagine.

This is such a great idea I just had to share!

Spoonflower isn’t the cheapest source for fabric, but if you want something unusual it’s a good place to start!

If you try a project like this then please tell us about it on our Facebook page – we’d love to see what you get up to.

(Updated February 2022 with updated links to Spoonflower)

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