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We are currently taking 'made for you' orders for delivery for Christmas 2022.
Details of all our products including pricing can be found on the website.
Please do contact us if you have any questions or would like to order.

Gift Certificates

If you’d like to purchase something from our range and aren’t sure what to choose, or need your gift a little quicker than our turn around times, then our Patchwork Castle Gift Certificates and Gift Packages are ideal. Let the recipient select the clothing and order the items that are right for them.

Patchwork Castle Gift Certificates can be purchased for a specific item or for a cash value. They have an expiry date 2 years from the date of purchase, and the recipient can upgrade to an alternative item if they wish.

Patchwork Castle Gift Certificate

Selecting a Gift Certificate allows the recipient to select a ready made item, or commission a Memory Quilt, Memorial Quilt, Personalised Cushion or Bespoke Patchwork Quilt allowing the recipient to select the size and options that suit them best, and to specify the clothes to be used. Adding a Gift Package turns the certificate into something you can wrap, and makes collecting the clothes easy and fun. 

  • Gift Certificates are beautifully printed, with full instructions on how to redeem them.  Gift Certificates are available for any amount or a given item and charged at the value of the certificate (includes postage).
  • Gift Packages also include a pretty drawstring bag for collecting the clothes. The bag will feature a patchwork block made from preloved clothes to illustrate our work.  Gift Packages are an additional £15.00 (includes postage in mainland UK) and only available with Gift Certificates for a specific item.
Here are some clever ways our customers have used our vouchers:
  • requested Gift Certificates instead of gifts for their twin daughter’s christening to put towards our Signature Memory Quilts
  • as a thoughtful gift for a recently bereaved friend and their children to spend on memorial items when they feel ready
  • alongside a Gift Package for a keepsake cushion as a new baby gift
  • with a Gift Package as a last minute Christmas gift for their wife, so she could select the baby clothes she wanted to include in the quilt

If you have any questions, or to order please just contact us at or on tel: 07395 257520

Terms and Conditions for Gift Certificates and Gift Packages can be found in our main Terms and Conditions

If you or your recipient live outside the UK and would like to order a gift certificate from us please contact us to see if we can help you.