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Patchwork Castle is closing in 2023, and we are no longer taking orders.

Please see our lastest blog post for more information and contact us if you have any questions. Our 'Make Your Own' tutorial is still available.

A huge thank you to everyone who has ordered from us over the last 12 years.

Labelling Our Memory Quilts and Keepsake Cushions

I’ve been looking for a while at the best way to label our memory quilts, handmade quilts and cushions.

Whilst clearly I like to label the products with the business name, I really wanted to be able to do this in a way that didn’t look too commercialised. I also wanted my labelling to be discrete and not distract from the true stars of the memory quilts – the fabrics!

After trying a few solutions I found a wonderful supremely talented designer Lilla Lotta  who produces the most beautiful cotton twill ribbons.  I highly recommend checking out her shop on Etsy.  She produces ribbons with her own designs but also does commissioned orders so I’ve had some made up with the Patchwork Castle logo.

Patchwork Castle Quilt Labels


I am thrilled with the result… and it looks fabulous used on the quilts…


Patchwork Castle Quilt Label on a memory quilt

Quilting traditionalists are evangelical about quilt labelling. It’s lovely to be able to add additional details like this to the memory quilts and memorial quilts we make. Alongside adding the name of the recipient to the quilt we can also add quilt labels incorporating a photograph and /or text in freehand machine embroidery.

How about adding a personalised message where your patchwork quilt is a gift, or some special details about the person whose clothes have gone into the memory quilt?

You could even write your own patchwork quilt label using cotton fabric and permanent fabric markers or a permanent pen and supply this to us with your clothes! Just get in touch for more information and advice.

Labels can be added to the back of the memory quilt, or as a patch on the front if you prefer.

How wonderful for future generations to be able to see the providence of that family heirloom!

Until later x


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