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Patchwork Castle is closing in 2023, and we are no longer taking orders.

Please see our lastest blog post for more information and contact us if you have any questions. Our 'Make Your Own' tutorial is still available.

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Make Your Own Baby Clothes Memory Quilt For Christmas

If you are thinking of making a Memory Quilt for a Christmas gift, but haven’t got it started, now is the perfect time to get going!

Getting a project like a Baby Clothes Quilt made to a deadline might feel like a bit of a challenge – if you’d like a little support to get your own creation made in time for Christmas then come and join me for this year’s Baby Clothes Memory Quilt-Along.

The quilt along will be run through the Patchwork Castle Make Your Own Memory Quilt Facebook Group. Come and join us, and get support from others, and a few nudges to keep you going along the way.

There’s no extra charge this year – just buy the Baby Clothes Memory Quilt Tutorial, join the Facebook Group via the invite in your confirmation email and you’re in!

We ran a paid quilt along last year, with extra content and support. This year will be a slightly different offering, as I’d like to use this season as a chance to hear what extra support or resources you think would be particularly helpful, so we can offer these in the future.

A Baby Clothes Memory Quilt for Christmas - join our quilt along!

How The Quilt-Along Will Work

Follow the suggested schedule to get your quilt made by Christmas, and I’ll post prompts every week to help keep everyone on track

We’ll be making a Baby Clothes Memory Quilt using the Patchwork Castle Baby Clothes Memory Quilt Tutorial. The whole idea is to tie making the quilt down to a deadline, and to offer extra support and encouragement along the way.

During the original testing of the Tutorial, a group of people made their quilts alongside each other and it worked really well. It was fun to chat with the participants, and really great to see everyone’s quilts taking shape.


This is an overview of the timescale for making your quilt. You have all the information you need in your Baby Clothes Quilt Tutorial to wiz on ahead if you wish. Equally, if you get behind (or join in a littler later) then don’t worry – just catch up when you can. 

w/b 30 October 2017

Gathering Your Equipment And Materials, Selecting And Preparing Your Baby Clothes; Choosing A Design

w/b 6 November 2017 through w/b 27 November

Preparing Your Clothing Patches; Dealing With Special & Tricky Features; Sewing Your Patchwork

w/b 4 December and w/b 11 December

Creating Your Quilt Sandwich, Basting, Quilting; Trimming and Binding Your Quilt; Catching Up & Finishing Off

w/b 18 December

Show & Tell!


You’ll need a copy of our Baby Clothes Memory Quilt Tutorial.

You’ll obviously also need the resources and equipment specified in the tutorial in order to make your memory quilt.

Weekly Prompts and Support

I’ll post in the Facebook Group each week to encourage you to share progress and ask questions. I’ll be around in the group as much as I can to cover any questions that have come up. I hope everyone joining in will also offer advice and encouragement to one another.

Show and Tell

Share pictures of your memory quilt as you create it and for a final celebratory gallery at the end.

So what do you think? Are you with me?

To confirm, there’s no extra charge this year – just buy the Baby Clothes Memory Quilt Tutorial, join the Facebook Group via the invite in your confirmation email and you’re in!

Thanks so much, here’s hoping you’ll join me! Please do also share this post with anyone you think might be interested.


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