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Patchwork Castle is closing in 2023, and we are no longer taking orders.

Please see our lastest blog post for more information and contact us if you have any questions. Our 'Make Your Own' tutorial is still available.

A huge thank you to everyone who has ordered from us over the last 12 years.

Open, but with some changes. Find out more…

Open, but with some changes

Wow! Crazy times!

We know it’s a really difficult time for everyone. Rather than dwell on the fear and apprehension that is filling all of the news, we want to reassure our lovely customers of the steps that we are taking at Patchwork Castle in these uncertain times.

Keeping Going (with a few changes)

Chris and Millie both work from home when making your orders. This means lots of Patchwork Castle activity can carry on. We are taking extra precautions to keep everything clean and hygienic. Of course if either of us show any symptoms we will not be sewing until we have had a period of isolation and are fully well.

Running Patchwork Castle is our income, but it is also great therapy. It’s good to keep working to stay calm and tranquil! We’ve had a few issues with supplies, and can’t just nip to the fabric shop, but we’ve made the decision to continue making up current orders as normal where we can (as much as anything is normal!).

We are really grateful to have orders in the system for the next couple of months. If you have a current order with us, then you should have received an email from us in the last couple of days advising how this might be affected.

New Orders

We are continuing to take new orders, but with some slightly different arrangements to normal.


  • In order to act in the spirit of the government guidance put into place on 23 March, we are asking people not to post clothes into us at the current time. We will also not be posting any further completed orders while the restrictions are in place.
  • We’ve made these decisions in response to Royal Mail’s plea not to post non-essential items, to protect the health of our families (and yours), and to minimise any unnecessary travel during this time.

Turnaround Times

  • Our turnaround times are likely to be significantly impacted by the Covid-19 Pandemic, so we are asking you to please bear that in mind when you order.
  • We will take your order with just a small £25 deposit during this time (it’s normally 50% of the order value).
  • We’ll give you a provisional delivery date with your order confirmation. We’ll then keep a close eye on government guidance. Once we are confident that we will be able to resume normal activity, we will firm up the date with you, take your full deposit and arrange for you to send your clothes.

If you are having to spend a lot more time than usual at home it could be the perfect chance to reserve a slot and then get sorting those precious clothes (a job you might have meant to do for ages!) ready to have them made into a beautiful keepsake.

Please do have a browse around the website and see more of what we have to offer. Our Facebook page is also a great place to see pictures and testimonials from previous customers.

Please do get in touch if you would like to make a booking, or have any questions.

Make Your Own?

Don’t forget our Make Your Own Baby Clothes Quilt tutorial is always available. It’s a step by step guide to create your very own Baby Clothes memory quilt. With a friendly Facebook Group as part of the package, where we are on hand to help you with any quilting queries you may encounter.

If you have time on your hands and would like to give it a go, we have a special offer for the upcoming weeks – use the code ‘Summer2020’ to get it for only £10!

If you’d like to check out what materials and equipment you’ll need, our (Free) Memory Quilting Resources Guide has a full list.

A Huge Thank You!

Before we go we would just like to thank the heroes at the frontline of fighting this disease, keeping us all fed and keeping the country afloat. We are so grateful to you! All around us there are indications of people helping people.

Our neighbours are supporting one another and chatting across the street. Local restaurant owners have clubbed together to form a Community Kitchen delivering free meals to those in need. People are displaying bears and rainbows in their windows as a giant eye spy for local children.

Let’s look for the Spring amongst the fear, anger and uneasiness. For signs of hope and compassion and love. Keep positive, keep safe and we look forward to hearing from you.

All the very best,

Chris and Millie x

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