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Patchwork Quilt in the making

Had a lovely day today – my little girl had a dress rehearsal for her ballet show which was too cute for words, and then friends for lunch and a lovely sunny afternoon chatting in the garden.

I’m in the middle of a really special memory quilt commission for two single size patchwork quilts made from clothing for two girls who have sadly lost their mother.

It’s such a privilege to be able to make quilts like this and the clothes are just beautiful. I’m doing one in blues and aquas, and one in pinks and purples.

I really want to get these quilts just right so it’s spurred me on to create a proper design wall for the studio. A design wall is basically a wall made of wadding or other ‘grippy’ fabric that allows you to stick up fabric pieces, move them around and stand back to get a good view of the overall feel of the quilt. I’ve made mine from poster board covered with wadding, which I’ve then stuck to the wall with velcro tape. I love it! Here’s a picture with the almost finished blue/aqua quilt top displayed on it.

Quilt Design Wall

The quilt top measures 140cm by 200cm so you can see it’s pretty huge! I have a suspicion that I’m going to end up with design walls on every spare bit of space in the studio because it’s just so useful.

The quilt is working out wonderfully too. I love the combination of fabrics and I’ve just picked out a lovely marbled fabric for the backing. That’ll be tomorrow’s job and I can’t wait – quilting is my very favourite part.


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